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Food and fun for the whole family. 
Enjoy a hot cup of soup during a cold winter day or sink your teeth into mouthwatering lamb at Shish House.  Our staff makes you feel at home, offering a friendly smile and excellent service during your visit.  Take a look at our menu options and stop by for an exceptional meal today.

Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House


Juice & Beverages
Fresh squeezed to order

Potassium Broth $3.99
Carrot, celery, spinach & parsley

Shish House Power Mix $3.99
Carrot, spinach, celery, radish and beet
Cobra $3.99
Carrot, orange, beet, radish and
Smoothies $3.99 / all quarts - $7.99
Fresh squeezed and blended with strawberries, banana and honey
your choice of:
apple, orange, mango, papaya, or carrot.
Soft Drinks $1.79
Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea $1.79
Arabic Coffee Pot $3.99

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


Using the freshest Ingridients
(V) Tabbouli SM: $3.99, Lg: $6.99
parsley, tomato, scallions, cracked wheat, olive oil and fresh lemon
(V) Rice Almond Salad $7.99
(V) Halloum Salad $8.99
A large house salad mixed with goat cheese
(V) Greek Salad $6.99
(V) Caesar Salad $6.99
Caesar Tawook $8.99
Caesar Turkey $8.99
Salmon Salad $9.99
Lamb Shawarma Salad $8.99
Chicken Shawarma Salad $8.99
(V) Dinner Salad sm $3.99

(V) Fattoosh Sm: $3.99, Lg: $6.99
A large fresh salad mixed with toasted pita bread
(V) Fattoosh Feta $8.99
Fattoosh Tawook $8.99
Fattoosh Turkey $8.99
(V) Spinach Salad $7.99
(V) Spinach Fattoosh $8.99
(V) Spinach Fattoosh Feta $9.99
Spinach Tawook $9.99
Spinach Turkey $8.99

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


(V) Crushed Lentil
Cup - $3.49   Bowl - $4.49
Chicken Vegetable
Cup - $3.49  Bowl - $4.49
Lamb Vegetable
Cup - $3.49  Bowl - $4.49
Lamb Chili
Cup - $3.49  Bowl - $4.49
All Carry Out Quarts $7.99

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


To jump start your meal
Chicken or Lamb or Beef Saute $8.99
Tender pieces of sautéed meat with cilantro, garlic, mushroom, and our light lemon-oregano sauce.
Shrimp Saute $11.99
Shrimp with mushroom sautéed with cilantro, garlic, and our light lemon-oregano sauce.
Sojok $8.99
A Flavorful, quality lamb and beef sausage. Sautéed and served with lemon.
Maqaniq $8.99
Quality lamb sausage links sautéed and served with lemon.
Quail $10.99
Charbroiled served with lemon-oregano sauce
(V) Baba Ghanooj Sm: $3.99, Lg: $6.99
(V) Stuffed Veggie Grapeleaves $7.99
Stuffed Lamb Grapeleaves $8.99

(Lamb and Rice)
(V) Spinach Pies OR Lamb Meat Pies $6.49
Fried Kibbee $9.99

Little football shaped kibbee shells stuffed with sautéed ground lamb, sautéed onions, special herbs and spices.
(V) Tomato Kibbee $8.99
A flavorful mix of cracked wheat, tomato, onions, olive oil and natural herbs.
* Kibbee Nayee (Raw) $10.99
Daily fresh, lean cut of lamb is fine ground and mixed raw with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices. top it with extra virgin olive oil and enjoy.
(V) Falafel Plate $8.99
All vegetable patties made of fava beans, chickpeas, onions, parsley, cilantro, special spices and cooked in vegetable oil. Served with tahini sauce, tomato and pickles.
Foul Madamas $6.99
Fava beans mixed chicpeas, garlic and lemon juice
Lebneh Plate $6.99
strained low yogurt mixed with garlic and mint,

Appetizer Platters
(V) Starter Combo $10.99
Hommous, baba ghannooj and tabbouli.
* Mixed Maza $29.99
Hommous, baba, ghannooj, tabbouli, fattoosh, falafel, sojok (sausage medallions), maganig (sausage links), fried kibbee, mixed veggies and pickles.
(V) Vegetarian Maza $23.99
Hommous, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, fattoosh, vegetarian grapeleaves, falafel, mixed veggies and pickles.

(V) Hommous Sm: $3.99, Lg: $6.99
Hommous with Veggies $10.99
(V) Hommous with Suateed Pinenuts $8.99
(V) Spicy Hommous $6.99
* Hommous Topped with Lamb or Chicken or Beef $10.99

Sautéed mixed with pine nuts.
Hommous Topped W/ Shrimp $10.99
Shrimp sautee mixed with pine nuts.

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


* Shish Kabob (Lamb or Beef) $15.99
Charboiled lamb or beef.
Shish Tawook $14.99
Charbroiled chicken.
Shish Tawook W/ Lemon-Oregano $14.99
* Shish kafta $14.99
Charbroiled ground meat mixed with parsley and onion.
* Chicken Shish Kafta $14.99
Charbroiled ground chicken mixed with parsley and onion.
Quail $15.99
Served with lemon-oregano sauce.

Grilled Cornish Hen $15.99
Tender cornish hen marinated in mediterranean herbs and spices.
Deboned Chicken (Marinated and Charbroiled)
Half - $14.99   Whole - $19.99
White meat only 1/2 add - $1.00   White meat only whole add - $3.00
Classic Ghallaba $14.99
Choice of chicken, lamb or beef. sautéed with veggies.
Zesty Ghallaba $14.99
Choice of chicken, lamb or beef. sautéed with veggies, natural herbs and spices.
Garlic and Almond Rice Ghallaba $14.99
Choice of meat sautéed with veggies then mixed with toasted slivered almonds, rice and our home made garlic sauce. (classic or zesty)
(V) Vegetarian Ghallaba $13.99
(Classic or zesty) potato substitute for meat and sautéed with veggies.
* Lamb Chops
five pieces - $29.99   three pieces $20.99
Grape Leaves Dinner $12.99
Choice of lamb or vegetable
* Hommous W/ Lamb $14.99

*Hommous W/ Chicken $14.99

Hommous W/ Shawarma

Lamb or Chicken $14.99
Hommous With Ghallaba $15.99
(Classic Or Zesty) choice of vegetarian, chicken, lamb or beef sautéed with veggies.
* Sautéed Lamb or Beef or Chicken $14.99
sautéed with mushrooms.
Chicken Seared Sajji $15.99
Thinly, sliced, marinated and seared
Tenderloin Seared Sajji $15.99
Sautéed with onions and seasonings.
Shawarma Plate $14.99
Choice of marinated charbroiled lamb or chicken.
* Shawarma Combo $16.99
Combination of marinated charbroiled lamb and chicken.

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


All served with your choice of soup or salad and rice or fries. Some dishes may include a blend of olive and peanut oil. please consult your server if you are allergic to peanut oil.
Salmon Ghallaba $15.99
(classic Or Zesty) Mixed with sautéed vegetables
Swordfish Ghallaba $17.99
(Classic Or Zesty) Mixed with sautéed vegetables
Shish Shrimp Kabob $18.99
Charbroiled shrimp
Sautéed Shrimp $18.99
Shrimp sautéed mixed with mushrooms, garlic and lemon-oregano sauce.
Shish House White Fish $15.99
Charbroiled White Fish Filet with Onions, Black Olives, Capers, Green Peppers & Tomato Sauce with Lemon and Garlic.
Shish House Talapia Fish $15.99
Charbroiled Talapia Filet with Onions, Black Olives, Capers, Green Peppers & Tomato Sauce with Lemon and Garlic.
Shish House Salmon $18.99
Salmon Fillet charbroiled with sautéed Onions, Black Olives, Artichokes, Capers & Tomato Sauce.

Lamb & Lima $9.99
Lima Beans cooked with tender lamb & tomato
(V) Mjadara (Vegetarian) $9.99
Lentils & Cracked Wheat cooked with onions & olive oil
Baked Kibbee $9.99
Sautéed Lamb & Onions are then baked between layers or cracked wheat.

Mediterranean Salsa
8oz - $2.75   16oz - $4.99
Home Made Garlic Sauce
8oz - $2.75   16oz - $4.99
Shish House Salad Dressing
Quart $9.99
Rice $3.49   French Fries $3.49

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


Kid's Menu
Chicken Tenders $6.99
4 pieces of chicken tenders with french fries.
Cheese Sticks $6.99
with french fries.
Fish Sticks $6.99
with french fries.

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


(V) Falafel $3.75
(V) Mjadara $3.75

Sojok $3.99
Maqaniq $3.99
*Shish Kabob 3.99

(Choice of lamb or beef)
Shish Kafta $3.99
Shish Tawook $3.99
Shish Tawook & Tabbouli $4.49
Lamb Shawarma $3.99
Lamb or Chicken Ghallaba $3.99
Chicken Shawarma $3.99
(V) Vegetarian Ghallaba $3.99
Smoked Turkey $3.75
Chicken Seared Sajji $3.99

Thin slices of chicken rolled in bread with pickles and tomato/
Tenderloin Seared Sajji $3.99
Thin slices of tenderloin lam meat rolled in bread with pickles and tomato.

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


* Sampler Plate $38.99
Tabbouli, hommous, baba ghanooj, falafel, vegetarian grapeleaves, lamb grapeleaves, chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma,shish tawook and shish kafta. Served with two dinner salads or soups.
Shish Combo $18.99
Shish kabob, shish tawook (chicken kabob) and shish kafta (ground lamb, parsley and onion).
* Shish Combo (For two) $28.99
one kabob, two tawook (chicken), and two kafta (ground lamb, parsley, onion). Served with two salads or soups.
(V) Veggetarian Combo $25.99
Tabbouli, hommous, baba ghannoj, falafel, grapeleaves and mjadara. 2 Spinach pies, & rice.
* Shish House Feast $110.99
Tabbouli, Greek salad, hommous, baba ghanooj, hommous stuff with lamb, ghallaba, falafel, 2 shish kabob, 2 shish kafta, 2 shish tawook, 2 pieces of boneless chicken, ghallab and lamb chops. served with 4 dinner salads or soups. Serves 4 to 6 persons
* Family Tray $129.99
Hommous, baba ghanooj, tabbouli, 3 shish kabob (beef or lamb), 3 shish tawook, 6 pieces of shish kafta, 5 pieces of lamb chops, 2 skewers of shrimp. With vegetables and a large fatoosh salad platter and rice. Serves 6 to 8 persons

  Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House  


Baklava $2.99
Crème Caramel $2.99
Rice Pudding $2.99

*Consumer Advisory* *Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eaggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

(V) Denotes Vegetarian Selection

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*Prices are subject to changes.

Take a break from boring, predictable fast food and enjoy exquisite Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Stop by Shish House today at 8465 N Lilley Rd for our daily lunch special and FREE wi-fi, or CALL US at 734-451-5544 to place an order for carry out.

Mediterranean Restaurant - Canton, MI - Shish House
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